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Update: Recent changes to the 1inch iOS Wallet
Update: Recent changes to the 1inch iOS Wallet

Details on the latest 1inch iOS Wallet Update

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In compliance with the Apple Store's new "Web3 policy", certain features within the 1inch iOS app have been be modified.

Below is a breakdown of the new changes.

New features added:

HD Wallet support: The 1inch Wallet for iOS now supports HD Wallet, which solves the problem of privacy and record-keeping by creating public key pairs from a seed phrase. Your addresses will remain safe even when losing the private key backup from the hierarchical tree. Plus, it can generate different public addresses, and a user can always choose a new one for sending assets.

Ledger Nano X support: Another major improvement is the Ledger Nano X support – one of the leading cold wallets enabling users to store their crypto offline. As no funds can be sent through this type of wallet, it needs to be connected to the 1inch mobile app via Bluetooth to be able to interact with available crypto assets.

Payment request: This handy feature expands your options for receiving payments. To receive the exact amount of tokens, users only have to generate and share a QR code or payment link with their counterpart.

Live chat support: The email feedback form was replaced by our live chat with Intercom.

New wallet selector: Users now have a faster and more streamlined method of accessing a preferred connected wallet to interact with.

Feature request: An opportunity to share ideas about desirable options to keep the 1inch Wallet fully top feature-packed.

Safari extension improvement: This utility strengthens the browser’s functionality and enables it to support almost any dApp. The updated Safari extension enables users to experience the full power of the 1inch Wallet.

New formats of token analytics display: Users can now view extended assets details providing all the information about tokens followed by a chart.

Quality improvements: A number of existing options have become more functional. Improvements include updates for UX iCloud Sync and WalletConnect, which also involves better network switching for the desktop browser.

TX decoder: Also, there is an upgraded, easy and straightforward confirmation screen for TX decoder – users can now receive information on transactions they are signing in a readable way.

The 1inch news section: This new block added to MoniTalks contains helpful information, including the 1inch Network’s announcements, significant events, product releases, and tutorials.

Features Removed:

  • Fiat on-ramp providers

  • DeFi Racer

  • Browser pre-installed bookmarks (You can easily add your own bookmarks)

  • Direct in-app swaps

  • NFT storage

Swap and staking functionalities are now available only via the 1inch dApp – you can easily open in the Web3 browser and enjoy the vast range of features it offers. Another way to interact with the dApp directly from the wallet is via the Safari extension. Also, there is an option to swap assets using the dApp on the desktop by connecting the 1inch Wallet through WalletConnect.

It is worth noting that while the swap and staking features may no longer be available in their previous form, this does not affect users’ ability to exchange and stake tokens. Meanwhile, the process of sending and receiving assets has become even more user-friendly.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to reach out to us in the Live Support Chat!

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