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How to use the 1inch iOS Wallet Safari Extension
How to use the 1inch iOS Wallet Safari Extension

An alternative way to connect to any Web3 dApp

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The 1inch iOS Wallet Safari extension provides an alternative method for connecting the 1inch Wallet to any dApp in the Web3 space. It is a very handy tool when using a tablet. You can open any Web3 dApp in the Safari browser and work seamlessly.

This article covers:

How to enable the Safari iOS extension:

***Before starting, make sure you have downloaded the 1inch iOS Wallet app, and created or imported a wallet.

First, open the Safari app and navigate to your dApp of choice. (in this example we will use

Once there, tap the "AA" icon next to the search bar.

Next, tap "Manage extensions", and enable the 1inch Wallet toggle button.

Then, open the extensions menu again, and select "1inch Wallet".

From here you can grant the type of access desired.

Also, make sure that you have enabled permissions for the 1inch wallet to interact with the site you wish to use. You can set it to either "Ask" or "Allow".

Now you will be able to connect to any dApp using the "Web3" or "Metamask" options.

Next, select "Continue in 1inch Wallet". To connect to the current dApp.

How to use the Safari iOS extension:

In this example, we will complete a swap (of previously approved tokens) on the 1inch dApp using the Safari iOS extension.

Once the extension has been enabled and the wallet connected, enter the tokens and amounts that you would like to swap. Then tap the "Swap" button (if they have not yet been approved, you will need to tap "Give permission to swap".)

Next, review the details on the following confirmation screen, and tap "Confirm swap".

You will then be prompted by the extension to open the 1inch wallet. Tap the "open" button.

Lastly, review the details within the wallet, and tap "confirm" to submit the transaction.

Once you confirm the transaction in your wallet, you will now have successfully completed a swap using the 1inch Safari extension!

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to reach out to us in the live support chat!

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