Due to regulatory concerns, the 1inch Network has now increased geo-restrictions on platform use. Participants who are swapping, providing liquidity, staking, or farming using an IP address within the United States and/or Sanctioned Countries are, at this time, not eligible for participation in these programs.

Previously, the 1inch Network has maintained clear communication on this policy, and now it is just implementing additional technical measures which were inevitable.

Sometimes, though, a user doesn't fall into the list of sanctioned countries but will still receive this restriction error.

Apple Safari

Apple's safari browser has a built in feature to Hide an IP address. If you are using this proxy service, you must disable it to access the 1inch dapp. To change these preferences, choose Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy. Once on this page, please select from Trackers only and refresh the page.


Opera browser has a built in VPN. Some users have this enabled, which hides your real IP address and may provide an IP address that's located in a sanctioned country. To use the 1inch dapp without issue, please temporarily disable the VPN. You can disable the VPN in the security an privacy tab of Opera's settings


TOR browser doesn't give users the choice on what IP address they get. These IP addresses may come from a sanctioned country and block a user from accessing the dapp. Please use another browser to use the 1inch dapp without problems.


Brave browser offers a VPN with firewall along with in-private TOR tabs. These features will both interfere with your connection to the 1inch dapp. Either temporarily disable these features or use a different browser temporarily while accessing the 1inch dapp.

Other services

Any other IP changing service can cause problems when accessing the 1inch dapp. When using the 1inch dapp, please disable all VPNs and Proxies enabled on your device before accessing the 1inch dapp.

Please feel free to reach out customer support if you have more questions.

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