How to increase your 1inch API rate limits

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Pricing and upgrades for 1inch API subscription plans can be found here:

When you create an account for the 1inch Developer Portal, the default subscription plan is the 'Dev Plan.' This plan is currently free of charge and includes a limit of 1 Request Per Second (RPS) and a total of 100,000 requests per month (RPM).If you need a higher RPS or RPM limit, or other features not offered in the free Dev Plan, there are three additional subscription options for the SWAP API:

  • Start-Up - 10 RPS within 1,000,000 requests per month

  • Professional - 20 RPS within 3,000,000 requests per month

  • Business - 40 RPS within 7,000,000 requests per month

When you choose any of the paid SWAP API subscription plans: Start-Up, Professional, or Business — not only do you get the increased limits and features outlined in our pricing structure, you'll also still have free access to an additional 1 RPS within 100,000 requests per month for all the other available 1inch APIs.

Projects that reach a swap volume of US$10 million through the Dev Portal will automatically be upgraded to a Custom Plan, requiring communication with the 1inch Business Development team. This plan typically includes a revenue share agreement based on the swap volume. The same condition is extended to entities requiring increased requests per second (RPS) for all other APIs (excluding the 1inch Swap API).*

**Please note: If the standardized plans do not meet your specific needs in terms of RPS or you are interested in the other APIs (Orderbook API, Spot Price API, Balance API, Token API, Transaction Gateway API, Fusion API, NFT API, Traces API, Gas Price API, Portfolio API, History API) , please fill out the Enterprise API form 1inch Enterprise API form. The 1inch Business Development (BD) Team is more than happy to assist you in creating a custom plan tailored to your requirements.For a successful upgrade 4 steps need to be fulfilled:

  1. Confirmation of the package and billing cycle

  2. KYC/KYB Verification depending on your entity type

  3. Filling up the billing information and accepting the terms of use

  4. Payment of the total due using USDC crypto currency on Ethereum network

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