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Metamask "switch networks" bug
Metamask "switch networks" bug

How to resolve the "switching networks" issue when using Metamask's extension with the 1inch dApp

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The bug:

If you've updated your Metamask browser extension to v10.28.1, you may encounter an error when trying to switch networks on most web3 dApps, including 1inch Network. The issue occurs when users have previously added a custom network and attempt to switch back to it via the connected dApp.

When experiencing this issue on 1inch, you'll see this error message:

This error essentially means that there is a discrepancy between the network configuration ID and the stored configuration settings.

Temporary fix:

Open the MetaMask extension and manually use the network switcher whenever a dApp prompts you to switch networks.

For a more permanent solution:

  1. Open MetaMask and go to "Settings."

    Metamask settings

  2. Select the "Networks" tab.

  3. Select a network, and edit any field in any way and save the changes. (in this example, we add a "/" to the end of the Optimism New RPC URL)

  4. Lastly, click "Save".

Switching to this network from the 1inch Network dApp (or deleting it) should now be successful.

***Please note: this issue doesn't affect users who added networks via dApp on v10.28.1 or through the MetaMask UI in v10.28.1.

For further reading and/or updates to fixes for this issue, please see this GitHub thread:

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