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How to stake 1INCH tokens and delegate Unicorn Power
How to stake 1INCH tokens and delegate Unicorn Power

How to obtain st1INCH tokens + delegate UP, undelegate UP, change resolver delegation, and claim 1inch Fusion resolver rewards

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***Disclaimer: 1inch Network only provides access to the 1inch Fusion Mode. 1inch takes no part in any transactions or other activities carried out by third party providers and/or third-party APIs, including those related to 1inch Fusion Resolvers. We are not responsible for any actions initiated by such providers. We neither have control over your blockchain interactions nor encourage you to perform any. Any delegation or claiming process and its outcomes are solely the responsibility of the parties involved and is undertaken at your own risk.

With 1inch Fusion, you can stake 1INCH tokens to receive Unicorn Power (UP), then subsequently delegate your UP to a 1inch Fusion Resolver to start receiving delegation incentives from them. These incentives accrue every second after you have delegated.

When staking, there is the option to set a custom or preset lock period. Your st1INCH tokens cannot be unstaked/withdrawn without penalty until your designated lock period expires.

The penalty structure follows this formula:

withdrawalAmount = (balance - votingPower) / 0.9

penalty = balance - withdrawalAmount

In this setting, the maximum early withdrawal loss is 90%, based off a minimum lock period of 1 month.

This penalty for unstaking 1INCH tokens decreases with time. Also, a longer lock period equates to a higher amount of UP tokens received.

Similar to the withdrawal penalty, the amount of held Unicorn Power also decreases with time.

As seen above, both the penalty for withdrawing st1INCH and the amount of held Unicorn Power decreases over time.

How to stake 1INCH:

To stake 1INCH tokens, first connect your wallet. Then click on the “DAO” tab, followed by “Staking”.

Next, enter the amount of 1INCH you would like to stake, set the locking period, and click “Give permission to stake”.

Then sign the transaction in your connected wallet.

This will permit the 1INCH tokens to be used by the smart contract and stake them in one single transaction. Once completed, your 1INCH tokens will be staked! You will then be able to see the total amount of tokens staked, your lock period, and your total Unicorn Power (used for delegation or 1inch DAO governance voting).

Please note: Unstaking before the end of the lock period will result in a penalty.

How to delegate your Unicorn Power to a 1inch Fusion resolver (requires gas fees)

In order to start receiving rewards, stakers of 1INCH tokens must delegate their Unicorn Power to resolvers. Resolvers deploy farms from their balance of 1INCH tokens specifically to reward all the delegators, proportionally to their stake within each farm.

How to delegate to a resolver:

First, you will need to stake some 1INCH tokens.

Once you hold st1INCH, click on the "Earn" tab at the top of the page, and then "Delegate".

On the next screen you will see all of the available resolvers that you can delegate to. The APR you see represents the amount of 1INCH tokens that the resolver is distributing to delegators, in relation to each delegator's staking schedule/amount.

After choosing the desired resolver, click "Delegate".

Next, review the information and click "Delegate all Unicorn Power", and then confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

***Please note: At time of writing, only 100% of a wallet's Unicorn Power can be delegated at a time.

Once the transaction confirms on chain, you will have successfully delegated your Unicorn Power, and will immediately start earning rewards from the resolver.

How to undelegate and/or claim rewards (requires gas fees)

To undelegate entirely or claim rewards, first go to the main resolver page here. Then click the "undelegate" or "claim" button, and sign the transaction in your wallet.

You can also click on the resolver card itself to view your current rewards and stats specific to that resolver. From here you can also initiate the "undelegate" or "claim" transactions.

How to change delegation to a new resolver (requires gas fees)

If you have already delegated, and want to change resolvers. You can do so in 1 easy step. Simply choose the resolver you would like to delegate to, and click "Delegate".

Then click "Undelegate and delegate again", and sign the transaction in your connected wallet.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to reach out in the live support chat!

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