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1inch Network address screening
1inch Network address screening

Why and how 1inch is screening your wallet addresses

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1inch Network monitors and screens wallet addresses for illicit activities through TRM Labs .

Why does 1inch Network screen addresses?

Mainly for two reasons:

  1. 1inch dApp is a safe and compliant space aiming at building and developing a secure and stable DeFi community;

  2. 1inch strives to comply with all applicable sanctions and embargo lists as well as other AML and Terrorist Financing Prevention regulations and efforts of the international community.

1inch receives the compliance data provided by TRM Labs. TRM labs uses on-chain data to detect sanctions and AML risks, including whether an addresses are owned or associated with clearly illegal behavior like: sanctions, terrorism financing, hacked or stolen funds, ransomware, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

When 1inch receives a “risk” warning regarding your wallet address - you are automatically blocked from using the 1inch interface.

Please be aware that 1inch contributors are not responsible for and have no control over the determinations and data provided by TRM Labs, they simply comply with them by default. 1inch Network does not automatically report any of the received data to the authorities, but might do so if required.

If you believe your address has been blocked from the user interface by mistake, contact us at [email protected].

Other than a wallet address, we do not transfer any data to TRM Labs. We do not collect any additional data with regard to the monitoring.

Please check out our Privacy Policy

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