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How to import an existing wallet / private key (Android)
How to import an existing wallet / private key (Android)

How to load your existing wallet into the 1inch mobile app

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With the 1inch Wallet app, you can import any EVM-compatible wallet using the private key or recovery phrase!

How to import

After opening the app, tap on the "Import" button, or the “+” button on the main wallet screen.

Enter your wallet name along with your wallet info. (It can be any wallet on Ethereum or BNB Chain)

There are a few ways to enter this information:

  • You can scan a QR code of the recovery phrase or private key itself using the in app scanner!

  • Paste a Private Key or Recovery Phrase (will allow you to both send and receive funds)

  • Paste a public (read only) address (this will only permit you to receive funds or view the wallet)

Once finished, name your wallet and select the cover. Then tap "Done".

You have now successfully imported a wallet!

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to reach out in our live support chat!

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