This article will cover:

How to access NFTs

How to send/receive NFTs

***Please note: At time of writing, the 1inch Wallet NFT feature is only available on Ethereum Mainnet

How to access NFTs

To access NFTs, tap the "NFT" tab on the home screen of the wallet app.

Here, you can change the layout view by tapping the far right button next to "My Collectables".

To search for a specific NFT within your portfolio, simply tap the magnifying glass and enter in the name of the NFT into the search bar.

How to send/receive NFTs

To send an NFT, navigate to the NFT tab in the wallet, then select the NFT you wish to send.

Once opened, tap scroll down and tap the "Send" button.

From here, paste or scan the wallet address in which you would like to receive the NFT, select the quantity you would like to send, and adjust the gas fees if needed.

Lastly, review the details and tap "Confirm" on the next screen to submit the transaction.

To receive an NFT in the 1inch Wallet, simply tap the "Receive" button on the main screen.

From here, you can copy the public wallet address, and paste into the sending wallet application when sending OR alternatively scan the QR code.

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