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How to claim the 1inch conference airdrop
How to claim the 1inch conference airdrop

Simple steps to claiming your free 1inch tokens from attending industry events

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If you physically attend an industry event that 1inch Network has a booth at, you can receive free 1inch tokens! All you have to do is download the 1inch mobile wallet app and show it to any contributor at a 1inch Network booth to receive you unique QR code.

***Each airdrop is a random amount of 1INCH tokens

***Please note: Since the method is a merkle drop, you do not need ETH in your wallet to claim the tokens!

How to claim your free 1INCH tokens:

1. Download and open the 1inch Mobile Wallet App. Once open, tap the scanner icon in the top right corner of the main screen.

2. Scan the QR code given to you at the booth.

3. Tap “Redeem Voucher”

That's it! After it confirms on the Ethereum blockchain, your 1inch tokens can be seen on the main wallet screen.

***Please note: If using Metamask, you will need to custom import the 1INCH token token for the airdrop to be displayed

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