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How to delegate your voting power via snapshot

***Please note: Snapshot delegation for governance is a different mechanism from the 1inch Fusion Unicorn Power delegation

Delegating your voting power is a great way to outsource participation in the 1inch voting process.

***Please note: If you delegate your power to another wallet, you can still exercise your power to vote. As the Delegator, your voting power will always take precedence over the Delegatee.

To delegate voting power, first go to the 1inch snapshot "Delegation" page.

Then, click "Connect Wallet", choose your wallet type from the available list, and accept the connection within your wallet application.

Next, copy and paste the address of the wallet that you would like to delegate your voting power to (delegatee), and then click the "Confirm" button. (Currently only 100% of your voting power can be delegated).

You can also choose to limit the delegation to a specific Snapshot space (i.e. 1inch), or allow it to be applied to all spaces. (we recommend limiting it to one specific space)

You will then see a confirmation screen in your wallet application. Tap the "Confirm" button to submit the transaction. (In this example, we are using the 1inch iOS Wallet)

Once confirmed, you will see then your delegation on the Snapshot Delegation page after refreshing it. For easy reference in the block explorer, the transaction will be labelled as "Set Delegate".

That's it! You have now successfully delegated your voting power to another wallet address. From the perspective of the delegatee, they will see this delegation given to them on the "Delegation" page of snapshot:

How to revoke an existing delegation

To revoke an existing delegation, first go to the 1inch Snapshot delegation page.

Next, click the "Connect Wallet" button, choose your wallet type from the available list, and accept the connection within your wallet application.

Then, click the "x" next to the delegation you would like to revoke under the "Your Delegation(s)" category:

Here, you will see a confirmation window. Click the "Confirm" button to proceed.

Lastly, confirm the transaction within your wallet application:

Once the transaction completes, you will have successfully revoked your delegation. For reference, it will be labelled as “Clear Delegate” within the block explorer.

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