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How to organize your assets in the 1inch Wallet
How to organize your assets in the 1inch Wallet

How to hide tokens, add to favorites, and more

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How-to guide:

To organize the assets in your wallet, tap the menu icon on the right home page of the wallet app:

From there, you will be able to:

  • Group Favorites - This will keep all of your favorite assets in one, easy-to-find place

  • Don't Hide Favorite Assets - This will keep your favorites visible when the "Hide tokens" setting is enabled

    ***Scroll down for instructions on how to add a token to the "Favorites" category

  • Hide Tokens - This will hide all listed tokens

  • Filter Tokens - This will hide tokens below a minimum balance (of your choosing)

  • Hide Savings Assets - This will hide assets that fall under the "Savings" category

  • Hide Staked Assets - This will hide any asset that is staked in a protocol (ie. st1INCH or stETH)

  • Hide Non-listed Assets - This will hide any assets that are not officially listed on 1inch Network (custom tokens)

You can also reset to the default settings by tapping the "Reset" button at the bottom:

How to add a token to the "Favorites" category:

On the home screen, long tap the token that you wish to add:

Next, tap the "Add to favorites" button:


Simply short tap on the token to open the token details screen, then tap "Add To Favorites".

To remove, simply repeat either process, and tap "Remove From Favorites".

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to reach out to us in the live support chat on!

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