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How to claim vested 1INCH tokens
How to claim vested 1INCH tokens
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According to the initial token distribution schedule, after December 2021, groups such as Core Contributors, Small Backers, Backers 1 and Backers 2 will have their portions of 1INCH token unlocked and available to claim.

To claim vested tokens, please, perform a few simple steps:

  • click on the "Unicorn" button to see "Your 1INCH breakdown";

  • to proceed with the claim, hit the "Claim now" or the blue button "Claim" right below the banner,

  • the pop-up window "Sign transaction" will refer to your wallet, sign the transaction IN YOUR WALLET;

  • wait until the transaction is mined;

  • check 1INCH tokens on your balance.

    In some wallet applications, you might need to add 1INCH manually.

    Please, follow the guide on how to do that.

Hope you had a smooth experience of claiming your 1INCH. In case of any questions, please, reach out over email [email protected] or Telegram @nattop

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