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What is a swap 'surplus', and where does it end up when my swap is completed?
What is a swap 'surplus', and where does it end up when my swap is completed?

Everything you need to know about a swap 'surplus' on 1inch Network

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What is a swap surplus?

A swap surplus is the result of a unique market dynamic known as "positive slippage". In other words, if a token pair's rate changes positively from the time of submitting a transaction to the time of its confirmation, an excess aka "surplus" amount of tokens is returned (relative to the guaranteed amount entered in the swap window).

***Please note: A swap surplus is not a trading fee, and does not occur with every swap.

**** With the 1inch router v4 and v5 update, optimized routers such as unoswap, uniswapV3Swap and clipperSwap along with any fillOrder function will never take a surplus, only the swap function.

Where does a surplus amount of tokens end up after a swap is complete?

When a swap surplus happens, 100% of this amount goes to the user who initiated the swap! This was voted on and changed with [1IP-28] Discontinue Swap Surplus Collection, through the 1inch Network DAO.

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