What is a swap surplus?

A swap surplus is the result of a unique market dynamic known as "positive slippage". In other words, if a token pair's rate changes positively from the time of submitting a transaction to the time of its confirmation, an excess aka "surplus" amount of tokens is returned (relative to the guaranteed amount entered in the swap window).

***Please note: A swap surplus is not a trading fee, and does not occur with every swap.

**** With the 1inch router v4 and v5 update, optimized routers such as unoswap, uniswapV3Swap and clipperSwap along with any fillOrder function will never take a surplus, only the swap function. If you have more questions on this topic please reach out to our live chat!

Where does a surplus amount of tokens end up after a swap is complete?

By direct vote of 1inch Network's 'Instant' Governance system, all swap surplus amounts are distributed to both the 1inch Network Treasury and user referral rewards. These proceeds are aggregated and converted into USDC tokens, and the ratio for this distribution is decided entirely by the 1inch Network Instant Governance process.

Votes are counted, and the parameter’s value is changed gradually during DecayTime after voting. Stakers can vote or change their vote at any time.

Want to participate in 1inch Network governance? Check out this guide.

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