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How to connect the Trezor hardware wallet to 1inch Network
How to connect the Trezor hardware wallet to 1inch Network

A guide on using your Trezor Hardware wallet with 1inch Network

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***Note: At this time, Trezor is only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Using an unsupported browser may cause issues.

How to connect a Trezor wallet to 1inch:

First, physically connect the Trezor hardware wallet to your computer via USB cable.

Then, enter the PIN to unlock the device.

Once the device is unlocked, go to the 1inch site and click the "Connect Wallet" button in the top right corner of the page, select the network and click the "Trezor" icon.

***If you are unable to proceed further at this step, please disable any pop-up blockers, refresh the page and try again.

*** If your Trezor has not been updated with the latest bridge, it will also ask you to download and install an update before proceeding at this point.

You will now see a Trezor Suite page pop up, with the option to grant permission to connect to the 1inch site. Click "Allow once for this session".

From here, you can enter a passphrase to connect with a new secret wallet, or simply leave the fields blank and click "Enter" to connect with your default wallet.

If you entered a passphrase, you will then be asked to confirm it on the wallet itself.

If you left the fields blank, and simply clicked "Enter", you will see the 1inch Terms and Conditions agreement on the next page.

After reading the terms carefully, click "Accept".

The process is now complete! If connected successfully, you will see the Trezor logo, along with your wallet address in the top right corner of the page.


If you click the Trezor icon to connect and nothing happens:

  • Please check to make sure you are using a Trezor supported browser (Chrome or Firefox).

  • You can also try using a private browsing window

  • Double check to make sure the device's firmware is up to date, physically connected, and that the device itself is unlocked

  • If you are trying to connect Trezor to 1inch through Metamask, try connecting Trezor to 1inch directly

  • If you are unable to complete any transaction through 1inch: Double check to make sure you have enough native assets in your wallet balance to cover gas fees.

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