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How to withdraw liquidity from a pool
How to withdraw liquidity from a pool

A step-by-step guide to withdrawing your LP tokens and claiming liquidity rewards

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***Please note: The withdraw feature is only available on the 1inch IPFS site.

  • Withdrawing liquidity requires ETH or BNB for gas fees. (it is recommended to have .03-.04 ETH / .02 BNB to ensure the withdrawal is successful.

How to withdraw liquidity:

To withdraw liquidity, first connect your wallet.

Once connected, navigate to the "More" tab, and click on "Pools".

Next, enter the token pair (of the liquidity pool you wish to withdraw from) into the search bar. Then, click the little red minus button.

Here you will be able to view all of your provided liquidity. To withdraw, simply enter the desired amount (or the "Max" amount), then click "Remove Liquidity".

Lastly, confirm the transaction within your connected wallet. Once withdrawn, your LP tokens which were in the pool will be broken up into the two tokens originally provided. (in this example, you would receive ETH and 1inch tokens)

***Please note: If the amount of tokens received after withdrawing liquidity is less than expected, you may have experienced impermanent loss during the time the liquidity was provided.

****if IPFS is not working please use the community site

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