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Optimism - How to use 1inch on Optimistic Ethereum
Optimism - How to use 1inch on Optimistic Ethereum

Everything you need to know about using this Ethereum Layer 2 solution on 1inch Network

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1inch now supports Optimistic Ethereum, which means that users can explore this Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup solution!

Keep in mind that for now, only the 1inch Aggregation protocol is available on Optimism (Liquidity and Governance protocols are currently not available). Optimism has several awesome advantages over the Ethereum Mainnet, including significantly faster transaction speeds at a lower costs, making all operations more efficient.

Optimism supports a variety popular assets. To be able to use one of them, you'll need to lock the token on the Ethereum side of the Optimism Gateway and then unlock it on the Optimistic Ethereum side.

Read more on that here.

Please note: Deposits from Ethereum to Optimism can take up to about 20 minutes to confirm. As of now, all withdrawals from Optimism to Ethereum Mainnet take 7 days.

Once you have some Optimistic ETH, you can start exploring Optimism on 1inch.

Here is how to begin (example is with MetaMask):

  • Connect your Wallet to Optimistic Ethereum.

    A comprehensive guide on setting up the Metamask custom RPC for Optimism is available here.

  • Switch “Ethereum Mainnet” to “Optimistic Ethereum” in your MetaMask

1. Click on the “Ethereum” button on top and switch it to “Optimism”

2. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the upper right corner and select “Optimism” in the “Choose Network” window, then complete the connection by accepting the Terms of Service and selecting the wallet you are using.

For both methods, the network indicator will switch to “Optimism”, meaning you’re all set to start using 1inch on Optimistic Ethereum.

Just like every network, Optimistic Ethereum charges gas fees on transactions. Optimism's native currency is ETH. Therefore, gas fees are paid in Optimistic ETH. To send transactions on Optimism, you will need a sufficient Optimistic ETH balance.

Here are several ways to obtain some ETH, which can be converted to Optimistic ETH.

As mentioned above, all 1inch features on Optimism are very similar to those on Ethereum. Therefore, using them will be a similar, streamlined experience.

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