Thanks to our partners, 1inch Wallet users can now purchase DeFi assets directly using fiat-on-ramp gateways.

We are working with Mercuryo, a cross-border payment network that allows users to buy ETH, DAI, USDT using bank cards and one-click payment methods through Apple Pay and Google Pay in 180+ countries.


To purchase crypto with fiat in the 1inch Wallet, simply go to the main wallet page and tap the "Buy" icon.

Then, select the token/coin and network you would like to buy.

Then enter the amount you would like to purchase.

On the next page, tap the payment provider you would like to use. (in this example, we will use Transak)

Next, read the disclaimer and terms of service, then tap the check box and tap the "Continue" button.

You will then be taken to the fiat gateway provider site to review the details.

Next, you will need to provide (and verify) a phone number and email, along with KYC documents and payment information. While your KYC documents are being reviewed, your fiat funds will have a temporary hold/freeze. (They will be unfrozen if KYC fails) Once KYC is verified, the tokens/coins will show up in your 1inch wallet, and the transaction will be complete.

If you are encountering any troubles with KYC or this last stage of the process, feel free to contact the fiat payment provider itself for assistance.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to reach out to us in the live support chat!

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