Here are several reasons why you may encounter this error:

  • The exchange rate has changed between the time you entered the amount and the time you clicked "Swap Tokens";

  • There is not enough ETH or BNB or MATIC in your wallet to pay gas fees. You will need approximately .06 ETH / .03 BNB / .02 MATIC to cover potential gas costs (this entire amount might not be used, but is needed to ensure total coverage of gas fees);

  • The assets you are trying to swap are highly volatile and/or there is low-liquidity in the pool. To account for this, you will need to increase the slippage tolerance incrementally until the error message no longer appears. (max is 50%);

  • If it is a BEP20 token (BSC Network) with internal commission: To be able to swap, you will need to Increase slippage tolerance until the swap goes through (max is 50%)

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