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How to cancel, "speed up", or remove a pending transaction in the 1inch wallet
How to cancel, "speed up", or remove a pending transaction in the 1inch wallet
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If your transaction has been pending for a long time (due a low gas amount), you might want to cancel it or try “speeding it up". Both options require additional gas fees to execute. If the transaction has not broadcasted to the blockchain, it can be manually removed from the wallet's history (see directions toward the bottom of this page).

Please note:

  • The transaction must be in “Pending” status. If it has completed or failed, it cannot be changed.

  • Unlike Cancelling or Speeding up, "Removing" a stalled transaction will only remove the transaction from your wallet, not the blockchain.

To cancel or speed up a transaction:

First, tap the “History” button on the home page. Then tap the pending transaction that you would like to speed up or cancel.

Then, tap “Edit Transaction”.

In the top box on the next page, you will see the gas amount that was used for the original transaction.

Next, select the gas speed (price) you would like to use to either cancel or speed up the transaction. You can choose from two pre-selected amounts, or the original amount used + 30%, or a custom amount.

Once the gas amount has been selected, tap “Speed up” or “Cancel Transaction”, depending on what you want to do.

When the transaction has completed, you will see it in the “History Tab” of your wallet.

If you cancelled, you will see a transaction with a “0” amount, and the funds will be back in the wallet (minus gas fees).

If you chose “speed up”, you will see a brand new transaction that replaced the original.

To remove a pending transaction that didn't broadcast:

  1. After tapping on the transaction (from transaction history), tap the "Transaction Stalled?" button.

2. Then, read the disclaimer, and tap "Delete".

Your transaction will now be cleared from the wallet's history, and you can try submitting a fresh transaction.

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