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How to send a transaction with custom hex data (iOS)
How to send a transaction with custom hex data (iOS)
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With the custom hex data feature, you can attach messages to transactions directly from the 1inch mobile app!

How to guide:

Before sending a transaction, you will need to enable hex data.

To do so, tap “Settings” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Then tap "Advanced", and turn “Display Hex Data On.”

Next, to send a transaction with an attached message (hex data), tap the “Send” button on the main wallet screen. Then tap the “Transaction Settings” button in the top right corner of the following screen.

Here you will be able to enter the text (hex data) that you want to attach to the transaction, along with changing the gas settings.

Please note: The gas cost will increase with each additional character entered, as it takes more computational power to process a transaction with text.

Once finished, go back to the previous “Send” screen to send, and then confirm your transaction.

After the transaction has been confirmed, its custom hex data can be viewed in the “Input Data” section within the block explorer.

Please note: The hex data will be displayed in UTF8 format, and can be read using any UTF8 decoder.

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