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How to enable/disable iCloud backup
How to enable/disable iCloud backup
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To provide an additional layer of security, the 1inch iOS app offers the ability to backup your wallet to iCloud. This will allow you to gain access to your wallet on any Apple device. All you have to do is install the app, and have your iCloud password on hand.

Apple’s iCloud has three-level protection, including Face ID, Apple ID and a passphrase. Your data will never leave your devices without your permission. When you enable iCloud Sync, data will be transmitted to your private iCloud Database via the CloudKit framework, encrypted with AES256.

Neither 1inch nor Apple will have access to the data stored in your iCloud account, which is additionally encrypted with a user-provided passphrase, or with your Apple ID.

***Before enabling iCloud backup in your 1inch Wallet, please make sure that iCloud Drive is on.

How to guide:

To do this, go to: Home Screen -> Settings -> Your Username: Apple ID, iCloud, Media and Purchases -> enter your Apple ID -> Turn iCloud Drive On

Now, to enable iCloud backup for your 1inch Wallet, click on the “Settings” button towards the bottom of the main wallet page.

Next, tap “iCloud Backup”, and turn it on.

Then you will need to set up a new iCloud Passphrase. This Passphrase will be required to access your 1inch wallet on another device.

Hint: The stronger the password, the better!

After setting up your new passphrase, you will need to confirm it on the next page.

After entering passphrase twice iCloud Backup will setup automatically.

To disable iCloud backup, simply go to Settings -> iCloud backup, and tap the button "iCloud Backup" again.

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