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How to send ETH or tokens
How to send ETH or tokens
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How to send tokens

Please note: A blockchain gas fee is required for sending tokens to or from the 1inch Wallet. 1inch Network does not receive or have control over these fees. Gas prices can fluctuate substantially day-to-day, and may be expensive at times.

Check Current Ethereum Network gas prices here:

  1. To send tokens, select the wallet you wish to send from, then click the “Send” button on the main wallet page.

2. Next, paste the receive address (or use the QR code scanner) of the wallet to want to send the tokens to.

3. Next, enter the amount of tokens you would like to send. You can choose a percentage, enter a custom amount, or click “Balance” to use the max amount. Then click “Send”.

4. On the next screen, review the address and amount to confirm accuracy. Then click “Confirm Send” to submit the transaction. You can click “View on Etherscan” to view the transaction status and associated information.

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