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Can I get a refund from 1inch Network?
Can I get a refund from 1inch Network?
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All about refunds

As a decentralized network, 1inch does not hold custody of users' funds. Each user signs every transaction within their own wallet, and assumes total responsibility for any/all funds lost. Blockchain transactions are permanent, therefore users cannot be refunded for failed transactions, gas costs, or loss due to market dynamics (i.e. slippage, price impact, front-running, internal commissions, impermanent loss, or external theft).

***PLEASE NOTE: 1inch Network does not assume responsibility for ANY loss of funds if the user is swapping a custom or imported token, and will not issue a refund for such cases. All custom/imported tokens are to be swapped at the users own risk.

In rare cases, if a user accidentally sends funds directly to a 1inch smart contract address, they can be compensated for the loss. In these cases, please contact the 1inch Support Team (chat icon in the bottom left corner of this page) and provide as many details as possible, including the transaction hash / ID.

Please, note that a full KYC/AML procedure is required for this.


A 1inch network compliance team will do a quick check of any external financial transaction to ensure it is in line with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards. As a result, an AML check will be requested of every user who is compensated for their loss of funds.

Under the KYC/AML procedure, the user must submit the following documents.

Please note: All refunds are paid in USDT, USDC or 1INCH.

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