To participate in the liquidity mining (yield farming) program and earn 1INCH tokens, you need to be a liquidity provider to one of the selected pools. To become a liquidity provider:

  • go to the pools tab on and choose a pool;

Please, note that assets for each pool pair are provided in equal USD values. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a sufficient balance of both assets.

  • click on the ‘+’ icon or the ‘provide’ button;

  • select the amount of liquidity you want to provide by entering a value in the ‘enter LP token amount to mint’ or ‘value in USD’ field. You can also go for the maximum number of tokens by clicking ‘max’;

  • click on ‘unlock’, select one of the unlock options in the token field, sign a transaction in your wallet application and wait until it is mined;

Note that you might need to unlock both assets in the pool.

  • click on the ‘provide liquidity’ button. Sign it in your wallet and wait for the transaction to be mined;

Now you have LP tokens of that pool in your wallet, which represent your share of liquidity in the respective pool. To participate in the farming, you need to stake those LP tokens on the farming tab:

  • on the ‘farming’ tab, find the pair you have just provided liquidity to and click on ‘deposit’;

  • enter the maximum number of LP tokens by clicking on the ‘balance’: in the upper right corner of the field, click on ‘unlock token’, select one of the two unlocking options, confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for it to be mined;

  • click on the ‘deposit’ button. Sign the transaction in your wallet application. As soon as the transaction has been mined, the liquidity providing process has been completed.

To remove funds from the farm, you will have 3 different options:

Claim: This action will only claim the rewards that have accrued in the farm, crediting the reward amount (minus gas fees) to your wallet. The LP tokens will remain staked in the farm, and continue earning rewards.

Withdraw: This action will withdraw the LP tokens that are staked in the farm, leaving the rewards to be claimed at a future date. Once the LP's are unstaked, you can proceed to withdraw them from the Liquidity Pool as well.

Exit: This is action will simultaneously claim the rewards and withdraw the LP tokens from the pool. Once completed, there will be no tokens left in the farm.

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