If you consider moving your liquidity from other protocols, such as Uniswap v2 or SushiSwap, to 1inch Liquidity Protocol, check out 1inch migrators, which will save you time and transaction fees. Migrators are a sort of gateways allowing users to migrate their assets from one protocol to another in one swap transaction, skipping several steps in between.

In order to migrate your liquidity you have to:

- if you want to migrate from Uniswap, input UNI,

- if you wan to migrate from Sushiswap, input SPL;

Please note, 1inch LP v1.1 in the 'You receive' field will be selected automatically.

  • type in the amount of LP tokens and unlock them for trading on 1inch. Confirm the 'Unlock' transaction in your wallet, wait for it to be mined;

  • click on 'SWAP Token';

  • confirm transaction on the confirmation screen and in your wallet application.

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