If you are a 1INCH holder, you can stake your tokens on the 1inch protocol and collect governance rewards. Staking by itself is sufficient to be rewarded. Staking also opens up an opportunity to become a part of the 1inch instant governance. By participating in the governance through voting on major protocol parameters, you contribute to the 1inch protocols (Aggregation and Liquidity Protocols, currently) and your own earnings.

In instant governance, every user’s vote matters!

To stake your tokens:

  • go to the ‘DAO’ section on https://app.1inch.io/, or use this direct link;

  • connect your wallet by clicking on the ‘connect wallet’ button in the upper right corner, make sure this is an address in which you have 1INCH tokens;

  • enter the amount of tokens you want to stake in the field ‘amount’;

Please, note that there are several ways to insert the amount you want to stake:

- you can do it manually by typing the amount in the field;

- utilize buttons with different percentages of 1INCH tokens from your balance: 25%, 50%, 75% etc.;

- if you would like to stake the max of your 1INCH balance, click on the ‘balance’.

  • Step 1: Unlock the assets by clicking on the ‘lock’ sign in the ‘amount’ field or ‘unlock token button’, then sign the transaction in your wallet;

  • Step 2: After the approval/permission transaction has been mined, click on the ‘stake token’ button, then confirm the transaction from your wallet.

Now, once you have staked the tokens, you can see your staked share displayed in the ‘voting balance’ field. Below that, you can see your ‘voting power’.

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