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What is the 'partial fill' setting?
What is the 'partial fill' setting?

A guide on using the partial fill setting when swapping on 1inch Network

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Partial fill

For the best user experience, it is imperative for every swap to be completed as close as possible to the rate confirmed by the user.

If the rate for your swap changes beyond your preferred slippage tolerance, there is now the option of enabling 1inch Network's "Partial Fill" setting. With this setting, the 1inch pathfinder algorithm can now cancel part of the route, preventing failed transactions from rate changes, and sending the user’s remaining unswapped tokens back to their wallet.

To enable partial fill:

Simply open the "Swap Settings" and click the toggle button next to "Partial Fill".

Thanks to this feature, parts of your swap can immediately switch to another protocol in the split or path that offers better rates.

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