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Our referral program aims to drive widespread adoption of 1inch services by rewarding users for their references.

***Please note: At this time, the 1inch Network Referral program only works for the Ethereum Network.

You can take advantage of the program by taking several very simple steps:

  • connect your wallet;

  • click on the 'copy' button next to the referral link at the bottom of the page;

  • copy the referral link;

  • share the referral link in any suitable way: put it on your website or just send it to your friends or other potentially interested parties;

  • start receiving referral rewards.

If a trade was routed through 1inch Liquidity Protocol, you will be able to claim referral rewards (approximately once per week) through the 1inch interface (the 1inch unicorn button in the top right corner).

Please, note: If you participate in the 1inch governance, you can vote for the percentage of swap fees that goes to referrers vs. the 1inch Network Treasury.

If a trade was routed through other protocols (Liquidity Sources), you may also receive a part of the Spread Surplus. Please, note that not all transactions have surplus to share with the referrer. This type of reward is distributed directly to the referrer's address at the moment of a swap.

The Spread Surplus is a difference between swap prices at the time when the quote received and when the transaction was mined. The Spread Surplus occurs while swapping when the executed price is better than the price quoted.

The percentage of the rewards that goes to a referrer is decided by voting here.

By joining our referral program you will help to promote not just 1inch, but the entire DeFi paradigm. Let's build the future of decentralized finance together!

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