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How to use the custom token menu
How to use the custom token menu

How to add any custom token to be swapped on 1inch Network

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How to use the custom token menu

When adding a custom (non-whitelisted) token, you can now simply type the name of the token into the search box OR copy and paste the token contract address directly (recommended).

When choosing the token to import, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to triple check the token contract address, to ensure that it is the correct token. As you can see in the example above, there are many copycat tokens, some of which are likely scams. Confirming that you have the correct token contract address will reduce the possibility of you buying a token that cannot be sold.

Once you click "import" you will be able to view the token contract address in addition to viewing the contract itself on the block explorer. Once you have verified that the token is legitimate, the next step is to read the disclaimer and check the little "Accept" box. Once checked, click the "import" button to import the token.

*** Please, be aware that by adding a token as a custom token, you confirm that all further interactions with it are at your own risk.

*** You can apply for whitelisting of a specific token, especially if you are involved in a project whose token you would like to add. See the whitelisting requirements here.

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