Getting started with 1inch network is easy!

All you need to do is:

Helpful tips:

Any token on the following networks can be custom added to swap on 1inch:




BNB Chain

Ethereum Mainnet






1) If you don't see the token in the drop-down menu, it can be manually added with its contract address (the suggested source for finding the contract is coingecko)

2) If swapping on Legacy mode, check that you have approximately sufficient native tokens on your balance to cover potential gas costs when approving and swapping.

3) Do not reduce the gas price or the gas limit, this will significantly increase the risk of transaction failures. Also, adjust slippage tolerance as needed.

4) Tokens cannot be swapped directly across chains (i.e. from Ethereum to BNB Chain) through 1inch Network. They must be bridged externally.

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