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What tokens can I swap on 1inch?
What tokens can I swap on 1inch?

Finding your token at the best price with the highest liquidity

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What tokens can I swap on 1inch?

As a decentralized exchange aggregator, 1inch Network provides a place to swap tokens on the following networks at the cheapest rate possible:

  • If you don't see the token in the drop-down menu of the swapping window, it can be manually added with its contract address (the suggested source for finding the contract is Coingecko)

Tips for a successful swap:

  • Please make sure you have at least the following token amounts on your balance to cover blockchain gas costs (this entire amount might not be used, but is needed to ensure total coverage of gas fees):

    • 0.04 ETH

    • 0.03 BNB

    • .02 MATIC

    • .01 Base ETH

    • .01 Optimistic ETH

    • .001 Aurora ETH

    • .01 Arbitrum ETH

    • .01 AVAX

    • .01 xDAI

    • .01 FTM

    • .01 KLAY

    • .001 ETH

  • Try to avoid reducing the gas price or the gas limit, as this will significantly increase the risk of you transaction failing.

  • Also, if experiencing an error, it is recommended to increase slippage tolerance as needed until the swap goes through. (max is 49%)

***Please note: All non-listed, custom tokens (which can only be manually added) are to be swapped at your own risk!

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